Engineering Workstations


Take control of your projects with an Engineering Series System, designed to provide rock-solid stability and reliable performance in popular CAD, simulation, and 3D rendering software packages. When working on critical designs, using professional workstation grade graphics cards ensures that nothing is left to chance, while simultaneously cutting down render times and supporting multiple high-resolution displays. Whether you are modeling machine parts in Inventor, simulating fluid flow in CFD, or rendering complex structures in SOLIDWORKS, an Engineering Series system will be one to get the job done.


Optimised for Engineers, Designers and Architects


Dassault Systemes Suite





CL Engineering Series workstations deliver the best performance in your preferred software suite. Whether you are drafting simple designs in SketchUp, computing complex fluid flow models in CFD or rendering photo-realistic images of products in OctaneRender, our Engineering Series workstations can get the job done. Don't see your preferred software listed? Don't worry! Our workstations deliver seamless performance in a wide variety of software suites, and our team of experts here at CL are ready to help you find the right configuration for your needs!

Tailored to Your Workflow

Different projects require different solutions. The Engineering Series of workstations are configured for best-in-class performance and stability in your preferred software application. Whether you need massive memory capacity for large assemblies, a powerful GPU for 3D rendering or a high frequency CPU for seamless drafting, an Engineering Series PC is the way to go. As with any of our systems, our highly experienced team is ready to guide you through the process and find the right configuration for you.

Premium Hardware

Our primary mission is to deliver systems that meet the highest standards of quality. We achieve this by stocking only the most highly-regarded brands in the industry, sourced through local distribution channels, not parallels. Take your system home with confidence, knowing that the internal hardware is tried and tested, and not a knock-off alternative to save a few dollars.

Pro Grade Graphics

For the very best reliability and performance in design, simulation and rendering applications, our Engineering Series workstations feature Nvidia Quadro and Radeon PRO Series graphics cards. Enjoy peace of mind and robust performance, as these cards offer certified application support, as well as compatibility with multiple high-resolution displays and optimised driver packages.

Upgrade Friendly

Our systems are built with your future in mind, allowing you to upgrade to the latest hardware without unnecessary downtime. While we can’t slow down the speed at which technology progresses, we can help you prepare for potential upgrades. Whether it be bulk storage or doubling up on memory, our system configurator will help you determine what is compatible for your build and its life ahead.

Cool and Quiet

Powerful machines need powerful cooling. Each of our Engineering Series workstations are designed for the maximum amount of airflow with minimal noise levels, making use of premium aftermarket cooling solutions that keep your system running cool and quiet even during the heaviest of workloads.

Let it Burn

If it has a function, it has a test. Each system that we build undergoes rigorous burn-in testing to ensure that the highest levels of quality control are met. Each component is validated for optimum performance, thermals and efficiency. From each DIMM to each pin, we leave nothing to chance.

2 Year Warranty

Don't settle for less


Our technicians are artisans in their trade, their craftmanship is second-to-none, and as a result we are able to offer you a warranty that speaks volumes about the level of pride we have in our creations. All Computer Lounge systems ship with a 2-year warranty as standard - no exceptions.