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Epson EF-100B 2000 Lumens WXGA Home Theatre Projector

Epson EF-100B 2000 Lumens WXGA Home Theatre Projector

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World’s smallest 3LCD laser projector

Plug-and-play with this stylish, compact and portable laser projector. Wherever you are, you can project on to almost any surface and in almost any direction, even in daylight. It's light enough to take out on adventures, while its compact footprint means you can neatly store it on a bookshelf. It's versatile so you can show content from a phone, streaming device, laptop, games console, and more.

Good design matters

Style and function in one machine - check out this projector's metallic trim, faux leather casing, slick rounded corners and minimalist buttons. High-tech features are packed into a compact and streamlined design, that makes it light enough to move from room-to-room or out of the house. Wherever you choose to use it, this projector can take pride of place.

Immersive gaming

Get your friends together for epic gaming nights with this projector. You can supersize the display to an impressive 150-inches, so everyone can feel immersed in the action. nothing can hold you back with this light and portable projector. It's quick to set up with a HDMI port, that easily connects to games consoles.

Stream content easily

It's easy to watch the latest shows and movies by streaming content through your projector. The stylish back panel pops off to reveal a port designed for streaming devices (such as Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Roku).


Launch the welcome guide with the remote to see how easy it is to set up. It's simple to show content from streaming devices, phone, tablet, DVD player, games console or laptop by using the HDMI port. Sound is taken care of with the built-in speakers and headphone jack, or connect to sound bars wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Make it work for you

Capture your customers' and clients' imaginations by creating a bright and vivid display. Whether you want to set up a permanent display, create a pop-up experience or show your portfolio on demand, this stylish and portable projector is a fantastic tool. It delivers a supersized, colourful and sharp display in almost any conditions. It can project in almost any direction, so you can take advantage of a wall, floor or ceiling to create the workspace to suit you.

Elevate your entertainment

The laser light source is more than just a cool bit of kit. It means the projector can be used everyday, so you'll be able to watch digital content for the next 10 years, with up to 20,000 hours of use³, without worrying about replacements. Enjoy crystal clear audio by selecting your favourite sound mode on the 5W built-in speaker. Alternatively, connect to wireless speakers via Bluetooth.

Super-sized movies

Bring movies to life with a bright and vibrant picture - supersized to an impressive 150-inches. It works even in daylight, so there’s no need to turn lights off, block windows or even use a screen. It can also be turned on its side and used to project in almost any direction - on a wall, ceiling or floor.

Sports action

Watch your favourite sports with friends on an awesome 150-inch display. This projector can deliver a bright and vibrant picture, even in daylight, so there’s no need to turn lights off, block windows or even use a screen. It's thanks to the laser light source and 3LCD technology.

A new way to present your work

The EF-100 is ideal for non-meeting room business presentations giving small businesses new ways to display their products and services. Use the EF-100 to create attractive displays for farm shops, beauty salons, art galleries and many more. Plus, it’s a stunning tool for Photographers who want to showcase their portfolio to clients.






Part Number



2-Year Warranty


Bit Depth

10 bits

Max. Resolution

1280 x 800

Max. Refresh Rate

120 Hz



Projector Optics

Vertical Keystone Correction

± 40 degrees

Minimum Screen Size

30 in

Maximum Screen Size

150 in

Maximum Optical Zoom


Horizontal Keystone Correction

± 40 degrees