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ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 GA401II-HE003T 14" R7-4800HS 16GB 512GB 1650Ti Gaming Laptop

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 GA401II-HE003T 14" R7-4800HS 16GB 512GB 1650Ti Gaming Laptop

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Choose the display that best fits your lifestyle. Avid creators will relish the high-resolution detail visible in the WQHD panel, while esports enthusiasts will see smoother gameplay on the superfast 120Hz option. Adaptive sync synchronizes the display’s refresh rate with the GPU’s frame rate to eliminate tearing and make gameplay more fluid. Pantone validation ensures that colors are accurate across 100% of the sRGB spectrum for pro-level portfolio projects. Super-narrow bezels around the display practically fade into the background, keeping you fully engrossed in what’s on-screen.


Nothing breaks in-game immersion like stuttering and tearing. GPUs render frames at variable rates, but displays usually refresh at a constant clip, so they frequently get out of sync. This causes visible hitching and artifacts that pull you out of the action. With adaptive sync, the refresh rate of the display synchronizes with the GPU’s frame rate to eliminate visual tearing, minimize stuttering, and reduce input lag. Get ready to experience gameplay that looks and feels more natural.


Wake your laptop with one press of a power button that doubles as a fingerprint login. Standard systems ask you to turn on the machine before they can ask for authentication. Our upgraded solution briefly saves your fingerprint and automatically applies it to access the right Windows profile. Don’t wait to get to work. Let your creativity flow as soon as inspiration calls.


The Zephyrus G14 comes with an uncompromised keyboard that fits full-size functionality into a much smaller machine. It’s the first ROG laptop to feature fingerprint login on the power button, making waking up the laptop as simple as unlocking your phone. The desktop-inspired layout makes you feel right at home with dedicated hotkeys that put volume, microphone mute, and ROG Armoury Crate software within easy reach. Overstroke technology triggers higher in each keystroke for faster responsiveness, and the ErgoLift design raises the keyboard at an angle to make typing more comfortable than ever.


With a formidable 8 cores and 16 threads built on cutting-edge 7nm technology, the AMD Ryzen™ 7 4800HS mobile APU is made for multitasking. Designed exclusively for our Zephyrus series laptops, this unique processor generates less heat, enabling superior performance for such a compact chassis. ROG technology intelligently adjusts the wattage to maximize FPS. These advancements enable a level of sustained performance never before seen in such a portable gaming laptop.


Unleashing the peak performance of high-end components is especially difficult in ultra-slim laptops. Innovative solutions are needed to ensure reliable, sustained performance, so ROG’s Intelligent Cooling philosophy mixes the right features and system settings to ensure the best experience no matter what you’re doing. In the Zephyrus G14, self-cleaning cooling prevents dust build up from compromising long-term performance, while dual n-Blade fans spin 81 blades each to generate impressive airflow within the slim frame. ROG Armoury Crate software seamlessly switches between operating modes to optimize performance and acoustics for the task.


Equipped with the latest Intel® Wi-Fi 6 with Gig+ (802.11ax), you can game reliably at LAN speeds wherever compatible connections are available. Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) boosts network speed and efficiency, providing a better connection for crowded spaces like coffee shops and libraries. It also reduces latency, meaning less lag for network-sensitive activities like online gaming.


Gaming laptops typically struggle to stay alive without a massive power brick, but the Zephyrus G14’s energy-efficient AMD Ryzen™ 7 4800H APU lets you finish up work, watch videos, and stay productive without the weight. USB Power Delivery gives you the flexibility to charge the battery with portable Type-C power packs and adapters, or quickly rejuvenate compatible smartphones and other devices. Say goodbye to fighting over sockets in crowded cafes, and live life untethered.


Even the most demanding programs load faster on the nimble NVM Express® (NVMe®) SSD. Stocked with up to 1TB of storage, this PCI Express® drive offers plenty of space for important projects, the latest games, and your favorite media. Speedier load times across your entire catalogue of apps and programs means less time spent waiting and more quality time for work and play.


With its powerful 8-core processor and up to 24GB of dual-channel DDR4-3200 memory, the ROG Zephyrus G14 breezes through everyday multitasking. This exceptionally fast RAM has the bandwidth to handle simultaneous studying, streaming, and web browsing smoothly, with greater overall performance and energy efficiency than previous generations.


USB Power Delivery supports secondary charging from portable power packs, so you don’t have to fight for a socket when the battery gets low. When it’s time to plug in and fully recharge the G14, the reversible flow lets you use up to 3A to quickly rejuvenate smartphones and other devices. If you’re not loading the CPU or discrete GPU with intensive tasks, you can use a smaller adapter up to 65W that lightens your load on the road. * USB power pack and Type-C adapter sold separately.


Each IPS-level display is factory-calibrated to ensure that colors are accurate to the Pantone® palette. Artists, designers, and content creators can add high-quality content to their portfolios and enjoy richer gaming visuals all on the same machine.


Wake your laptop with one press of a power button that doubles as a fingerprint login. Standard systems ask you to turn on the machine before they can ask for authentication. Our upgraded solution briefly saves your fingerprint and automatically applies it to access the right Windows profile. Don’t wait to get to work. Let your creativity flow as soon as inspiration calls.


Optimized for accurate input, comfortable typing, and overall control, this keyboard is made for serious gaming. Function keys are strategically spaced and grouped into three blocks with gaps between them for intuitive identification on the fly, isolated directional arrows allow for greater fingertip control, and the extended Space bar provides more comfort and accuracy when you’re jumping into a fast-paced game.


Four dedicated gaming hotkeys sit isolated above the keyboard, giving you quick access to the volume, mic mute controls, and Armoury Crate. They’re positioned on the upper left side, so you can access them instantly without tabbing out or taking your right hand off the mouse. Switch on your mic to strategize with your team or turn up the volume to hear every enemy movement in your vicinity without losing focus on the game.


ROG Overstroke technology creates a more responsive gaming experience by triggering higher in the keystroke. Early actuation means faster, more effortless input that can improve your accuracy, while the longer post-actuation travel makes typing more comfortable. Paired with N-key rollover, which allows for multiple simultaneous keystrokes to be registered at once, the keyboard adds precision to fast-paced battles and competitive multiplayer moments where quick reactions really matter.


Experience audio that offers 360-degrees of depth and direction with virtual 5.1.2-channel surround sound. Whether you’re using headphones or speakers, Dolby Atmos technology enhances spatial immersion with more nuanced, layered sound effects that can be further optimized with specially tuned preset modes for movies and games.


Two tweeters positioned above the keyboard fire high-frequency sound directly at you, while two woofers beneath them offer deep bass, volume and dynamic amplified by Smart Amp. This quad-speaker setup is optimized by Dolby Atmos algorithms to deliver perfectly balanced audio across the sound spectrum without losing clarity or detail.


  • SELF-CLEANING COOLING - Keeping the fans and heatsinks free of debris is critical to maintaining optimal thermal dissipation, so we have tuned our self-cleaning cooling system to fit the compact chassis. Smaller anti-dust channels leave enough room for full-sized fans but still prevent buildup by directing particles out of the chassis. This custom design balances high airflow with consistent cooling performance over time, which improves long-term stability and overall reliability.

  • MORE ULTRATHIN FINS - Thermal energy is dissipated by four heatsinks in the flanks. Each one is lined with ultra-thin copper fins as slim as 0.15mm, allowing higher density and lower air resistance than typical fins that are twice as thick. There are 209 heatsink fins totaling 68,868mm2 of surface area. They’re specially shaped for the Zephyrus G14, guiding airflow in multiple directions to minimize interference from the ErgoLift design.

  • COMPREHENSIVE COOLING - Five heat pipes snake beneath the surface to pull heat away from not only the CPU and GPU, but also the circuitry supplying them with power. Reducing the temperature of these power components helps improve long-term stability and reliability. The CPU, GPU, and VRM have their own pipes connected to shared heatsinks that ensure efficient cooling for any workload, including those that light up only one of the two chips.

  • N-BLADE FAN - Small chassis leave little room for cooling, so we enhance every aspect of the n-Blade fans to maximize airflow. The intakes are carefully shaped and positioned to draw in more air. Once inside, it’s blasted toward the heatsinks by liquid-crystal-polymer blades that are 33% thinner than conventional designs yet still strong enough to spin at high RPMs. Our latest design alternates the blade length between 50mm and 51.2mm to reduce noise to under 45dB in Turbo Mode while moving the same amount of air. The Zephyrus G14 features 81 blades per fan, improving airflow by up to 17% over our original n-Blade design.

  • SCENARIO PROFILES - Scenario Profiles automatically change operating modes to optimize performance and acoustics for different games and applications. Turbo mode uses the highest fan speed and clocks to sustain maximum speed, Performance mode adjusts the clocks and cooling to lower noise levels for gaming, and Silent mode runs even quieter for lighter work and entertainment. You can customize Scenario Profiles to seamlessly switch modes based on your preferences, or use a keyboard shortcut to change modes manually.


A wide variety of ports makes the G14 especially flexible. Drive a second display to multitask more efficiently via the USB-C port with DisplayPort 1.4. Watch 4K UHD movies on the big screen or easily connect a projector with HDMI 2.0b. Hook up your mouse, gamepad, drawing tablet, and other peripherals to play or be creative anywhere. There’s no need for dongles with a 3.5mm headset jack built in.


Note: The manufacturer information above is a general product overview and specifications do differ between models and regions. Please refer to the full specifications below.





Laptops - Gaming



Part Number



2-Year Warranty

Laptop Spec

Operating System

Windows 10 Home

CPU Family

AMD Ryzen 7


AMD Ryzen 7 4800HS 8C up to 4.2 GHz


GTX 1650 Ti 4GB


16GB DDR4-3200 (1 Dimm, 1 onBoard)


24GB Max, 1 Dimm




14" FHD IPS-Level Panel

Refresh Rate



White Backlit Chiclet Keyboard


Built-in 2x 2.5W Speakers + 2x 0.7W Tweeters


Not Available


Built-In Microphone

Interface and Connectivity

I/O Ports

1 x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C ;

2 x USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type A ;

1 x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type C with DisplayPort 1.4


1 x HDMI 2.0b

Audio Jack

1 x 3.5mm Combo Audio Jack


Not Available

Wi-FI & Bluetooth

Wi-Fi 6 802.11 ax + Bluetooth 5.0

Card Reader

Not Available

Battery and Power


76WH, 4-cell Lithium-ion

Weight and Dimensions

Weight (Approx.)

1.6 kg

Dimensions (WxDxH) mm

324 x 222 x 179

Wellington User

Would recommend - yes

Used the armour plating option and it arrived quickly and undamaged. Seems to be a quality purchase.

Solid Laptop

Would recommend - yes

Great little laptop, aesthetically pleasing with solid keyboard and 120hz screen. The 1650ti and SSD space are a bit light for gaming particularly if you want to hook up to a higher resolution monitor, and if you are looking down that route you would likely want one of the 1660ti or 2060 max q models with a 1TB SSD, but for a university, work, or light gaming laptop with a focus on portability it's a fantastic choice.