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EKWB EK-Loop Vertical GPU Holder

EKWB EK-Loop Vertical GPU Holder

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EK-Loop Vertical GPU Holder is a steel mounting bracket that enables the user to mount the GPU vertically and show it off. Displaying your liquid-cooled graphics card or even the standard massive air cooler is something that has become more and more popular over the years. This unique aesthetic usually had an issue with the GPU sagging on one side and was a hazard to transport. Not anymore, as EK's patent-pending mounting system allows this vertical GPU bracket to screw into two ATX motherboard stand-offs for unparalleled structural rigidity.

Made of 1-1.5mm thick black coated steel, the EK-Loop Vertical GPU holder is keeping your hardware safe and immovable even during transport or installation of tubing and fittings.

PCI-E Riser Cable

The premium-quality PCI-E riser cable in this vertical bracket is 200mm long allowing plenty of leeways no matter how big your case is.

Case and GPU Compatibility:

EK-Loop Vertical GPU Holder requires open-design PCI-E expansion slots. Which means there are no horizontal bars between PCI-E expansion slots. Also, the minimum required to mount this vertical bracket is 6 expansion slots. The case also needs to be ATX compatible.

As far as GPU compatibility, any GPU with a 1 or 2-slot I/O shield design is supported. The height of the GPU cooler itself is irrelevant, but it is limited to a maximum of two slots for the GPU I/O shield.

For cases with horizontal bars between PCI-E expansion slots, EK is making an offset vertical GPU holder called EK-Loop Vertical GPU Holder - Shifted. The entire bracket is moved forward to allow additional space for the display cable to be plugged in. Each Shifted version will be delivered with a special angled 1.8-meter long Display Port cable that is DP 1.4 compatible.

Technical Specs:

- Riser cable length: ~200mm (with the connectors)

- PCI-E standard: 3.0

- Material: black-coated steel


- EK-Loop Vertical GPU Holder

- Mounting mechanism with all the necessary mounting screws

- Premium PCI-E riser cable

Made in Slovenia - Europe!

Note: This PCIe extender is rated to work in PCIe 3.0 mode only. It will not work in PCIe 4.0 mode.



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