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Antlion Audio ModMic Wireless Microphone

Antlion Audio ModMic Wireless Microphone

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Driven by aptX Low Latency

The special sauce that makes ModMic Wireless amazing! Unlike competing products, the ModMic dedicates the full bandwidth to only the mic, resulting in a near invisible latency of only 34ms, 5 times faster than the average Bluetooth device!

Incredible Audio Quality

Most wireless headsets only give the microphone narrow band audio, many as low as 4khz! The ModMic Wireless delivers a full 16bit, 48khz (DVD Quality) signal with a 20hz to 20khz frequency response range: Simply put that’s on par or better than most wired microphones!

Dual Mic Modes

Two different microphone modes in one package! The omni-directional mode features a wider frequency response range, perfect for recording and streaming, while the uni-directional mode provides a crisp, clear, signal which blocks out unwanted background noise.

One Tap Silence

The built in quick mute instantly silences the mic at the press of a button. The USB receiver’s status indicator light lets you know when you’re muted, so you’ll know for sure. Now your friends don’t have to listen to your dog bark every time the mail arrives!


Featuring a 12+ hour battery and the ability to charge while in use via the included micro USB cable, the ModMic Wireless is always ready for gaming, work, and everything in between.

Cross Platform Compatible

ModMic Wireless uses a proprietary USB Type-A Receiver which works on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Playstation 4 devices. Just plug and play! The ModMic Wireless is not compatible with Xbox 1.

Handy LED Status

The ModMic Wireless receiver, the part you plug into the USB port on your PC or PS4, has nice LED status indicators. To make sure you can see it, we include an extension cable and a cable anchor to stick it on your desk, meaning your wireless status is always in view!

ModMic Wireless Can Boldly Go...

While the range will very based on blocking materials, in our largest open air test we managed to get to 100 ft before reaching a well. So... unless you live in a mansion or have a house made of lead, you should be set to take your ModMic Wireless anywhere!





Detachable Microphones


Antlion Audio

Part Number

ModMic Wireless


1-Year Warranty


Polar Pattern

Cardioid ;


Mute Function



Minimum Frequency

20 Hz

Maximum Frequency

20 kHz

Great Sound, Good Battery

Would recommend - yes

Moved from a condenser mic to this as I had limited space and my friends can hardly tell the difference. The mic sounds awesome and has great battery life, lasting me close to 12 hours. It's not overly heavy either, aside from seeing it out of the corner of my eye, I can barely tell it's there.

Amazing Mic Quality

Would recommend - yes

The audio quality is better than I expected from a wireless microphone. I had a V-MODA BoomPro microphone and they are both on par for sound quality but I needed to get rid of the cables. I own a VR headset and having cables getting tangled around me gets quite distracting. The reduced clutter helped me have a cleaner workspace. The setup is really simple so it's plug and play. I highly recommend this microphone if you have wireless headphones and move around a lot.