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Shure SHA900 Portable Listening Amplifier

Shure SHA900 Portable Listening Amplifier

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Introducing the SHA900 Portable Listening Amplifier

Sacrificing sound quality when you’re on the go is a thing of the past with the SHA900 Portable Listening Amplifier. Use it with your mobile device to enhance the experience of your favorite earphones and headphones.

Interface Features

  • Easy monitoring of settings - Clearly view input source, input level meter, battery level, output volume and EQ setting from the home screen.
  • Five EQ presets loaded standard - Flat, Low Boost, Vocal Boost, Loudness and De-ess presets offer easy access to the EQ settings you’ll most likely want to tweak. Or, enjoy pure analog audio in Bypass Mode, which bypasses digital processing.
  • Detailed personal control - Further refine your listening experience with four customizable EQ settings that allow you to shape and tune your music to suit your tone preferences.

In-ear or over-the-ear. Love what you hear.

Whether you prefer your music nestled in your ear with a perfect seal or resting on top like a pillow of sound, you can enhance your listening enjoyment with the SHA900.

Check out the new color variations of our flagship SE846 Sound Isolating™ Earphones. Pair them with the SHA900 for an exceptional blend of style and substance.

Included Accessories

The SHA900 comes with a variety of cables and adapters for a customized listening experience, plus a wall charger, polishing cloth, and durable bands to secure the amplifier to your mobile device.



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