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iFi Audio PRO iCan Reference Headphone AMP / Preamplifier

iFi Audio PRO iCan Reference Headphone AMP / Preamplifier

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Drives anything and everything

The Pro iCAN is a top-of-the-line, headphone amplifier that is capable of driving anything and everything – from the most sensitive CIEMS through to the most difficult to drive headphone ever made, the AKG K-1000. It is the only amp you will ever need.

Balanced amplifier

Boasting a true differential balanced amplifier, the Pro iCAN will rock your headphones/speakers like no other. Balanced equals exceptional quality – minimal interference and reduced crosstalk. The sound is cleaner, deeper and more dynamic.

S-Balanced outputs

Get the best our of balanced AND single-ended headphones with our S-Balanced tech. S-Balanced means that single ended headphones reap the advantages of balanced wiring, enjoy lower distortion and reduced crosstalk.

To tube or not to tube…

Choose a setting to suit your mood or your music. With the Pro iCAN you can enjoy both the sound of solid-state or tubes in a single package and switch in real-time. For some recordings and/or headphones or speakers – you may prefer the ‘lively’ feel of solid-state for other the more ‘luxurious’ feel of Tube or Tube+. Yup, we love our tubes here at iFi and we hope you do too.

And finally…

So, you thought we’d done? If the above wasn’t enough, we’ve added our signature, sonic tweaks of 3D and XBass to add that bit of extra space and depth to your sound. So, sit back, relax and enjoy all the musical refinements that the Pro iCAN has to offer. Go on, you know you want to…

Note : PRO iDSD and PRO iESL shown as reference only, sold separately.



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