Woo Audio WDS-1 24-bit/192KHz USB/Optical DAC - Black

Woo Audio WDS-1 24-bit/192KHz USB/Optical DAC - Black

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WDS-1 Reference digital-to-analog converter (DAC) is an exceptionally high-quality digital audio playback component designed for serious music lovers. It is the perfect companion for any computer audio system or digital disc playback system that has a digital output, including state of the art WTP-1 CD transport.

The WDS-1 continues Woo Audio's commitment to musical purity by avoiding digital manipulation techniques such as upsampling or oversampling, preferring instead to maintain the integrity of the original signal. It achieves a natural and refined sound that will satisfy even the most demanding audiophile.

The WDS-1 audiophile DAC is precision-built to Woo Audio's exacting standards. It features separate power supplies for digital and analog circuits, a custom-built toroidal power transformer, and multi-layer military-grade printed circuit boards (PCBs). A digital volume control allows for direct connection to any power amplifier so that the use of a preamplifier becomes optional.
Maximum output can be set at either two or four volts to suit different amplifier and speaker combinations. The WDS-1 supports a range of standard input types, including USB 2.0, and offers resolution up to 24-bit, 192kHz for all inputs.

Woo Audio's inspired design boasts an extruded all-aluminum chassis comprising visible layers. This design feature is also incorporated into Woo Audio's highly acclaimed WTP-1 CD transport with which the WDS-1 integrates seamlessly. The pair can be stacked and look stunning together. As with the WTP-1, no screws are visible on the unit whatever the viewing angle. The pair can share an on-off switch if this is desired. The WDS-1 is also compatible with the premium remote control that comes as standard with the WTP-1. The remote control is available as an optional extra for customers who will not be purchasing the WTP-1.

The WDS-1 Reference DAC offers a pure and neutral sound that you have been seeking. Whether your digital music source is computer or disc-based, pairing it with the Woo Audio WDS-1 is a deeply satisfying musical experience.

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  • WDS-1 reference DAC x 1

*** AC power cord and audio cables are not included



Digital to Analogue Converters (DACs)


Woo Audio

Part Number



1-Year Warranty

Digital to Analogue Conversion

Maximum Bit Depth

24 b

Maximum Sampling Rate

192 kHz