JDS Labs OL DAC USB Edition - Black

JDS Labs OL DAC USB Edition - Black

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Fantastic Value

We decided to set the highest bar with OL DAC, by far outperforming ODAC and eclipsing the sea of alternatives beyond just benchmarks. OL DAC's external AC power supply ensures 100% consistent noise performance and its relay muting eliminates power-up transients; while the minimalist USB Edition relies on the same external AC powered design minus relay muting and optical input.

Optical and USB Inputs

OL DAC provides the basics. Its USB Audio Class 1 engine is plug-and-play with all operating systems, and optional optical input expands connectivity to home entertainment. Mode is easily selected by a front mounted slider switch

Differential Summing Output

Differential output of the AK4490EQ DAC is summed by a low noise amplifier, with DC coupling throughout. Directly drive any load!

Externally Powered

OL DAC is powered by the same circuitry developed for our flagship EL DAC, using an AC power adapter and 9 linear regulators to ensure consistent rail voltage and super low ripple (no USB power). Never be bothered by USB hubs or OS power management configuration again!



Digital to Analogue Converters (DACs)


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2-Year Warranty

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DAC Chip


Maximum Bit Depth

24 b

Maximum Sampling Rate

96 kHz