FiiO BTA30 Pro High Fidelity Bluetooth Transceiver

FiiO BTA30 Pro High Fidelity Bluetooth Transceiver

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High versatile, the centre of your home audio system

The BTA30 Pro features 3 operating modes and 4 functions. Its versatility in its inputs and outputs can greatly improve the sound of audio equipment such as your TVs, speakers, and computers to give them a life and enhance your audio experience.

Hi-Res connection, settle a matter at one go Supports LDAC Bluetooth in different modes

LDAC codec that supports 96kHz/24bit is the highest standard for Bluetooth devices. The upgraded BTA30 Pro is basically one of the rare Bluetooth devices with support for both LDAC transmission and reception. When under USB/SPDIF input, it also supports LDAC transmission, allowing for Hi-Res lossless transmission anywhere and anyhow.

Digital Rejuvenation Plan 1:

Turn on Bluetooth Receiving Mode (RX). Break the limits, Free your speakers. Revive your old home music setup with just one move! In Bluetooth Receiving Mode, connect your phone/music player to the BTA30 Pro via Bluetooth, and the BTA30 Pro to your non-Bluetooth music system, giving your old setup a new life by being able to play wireless music.

One button for total control, for easier selections

New one-button switching between input sources, with the current input source easily distinguished by a readily visible light.

• New one-button selection between sound quality priority/latency priority to quickly optimise between listening to music, watching dramas, or gaming.

• New one-button switching to conveniently choose between 5 formats in Bluetooth Transmitting Mode.

High-performance ES9038Q2M DAC

Responsible for digital-to-analogue conversion is the excellent ES9038Q2M, letting you easily hear every small detail in your music and providing a wider dynamic range than with portable audio products. Film capacitors work with the ES9038Q2M for clearer and more transparent treble.

Input and output at the same time, New Bypass mode

The BTA30 Pro is even more versatile with the new Bypass mode, allowing you to connect to several different devices at the same time! When in Bluetooth Transmitting Mode, Bypass mode allows for optical input to optical/Bluetooth output at the same time. In DAC mode, Bypass mode makes possible optical input to optical output.

Dual Connections, easily choose between them

Want to stop manually switching between your numerous Bluetooth devices? No problem! Under Bluetooth Receiving Mode, the BTA30 Pro can connect to and remember two devices at the same time. Two new buttons allow you to manually choose which of the two Bluetooth devices you want to connect to.

Serious performance upgrade

The XMOS receiver chip easily handles a wide variety of audio formats up to 384kHz/32bit PCM and native DSD256, allowing you to enjoy it worry-free.

Qualcomm CSR8675 Bluetooth Chip

The BTA30 Pro utilises the efficient Qualcomm CSR8675 Bluetooth chip for enhanced audio applications, supporting 32bit audio processing and equipped with a 120MHz DSP, it effectively integrates various Bluetooth decoding functions into one package.

High-performance upsampling audio DSP

The BTA30 Pro is among the few desktop Bluetooth and SPDIF decoding systems to incorporate an independent high-performance DSP chip, allowing it to meet the decoding needs of various formats and increasing its versatility. The DSP allows any digital audio signal to be upsampled to 384kHz, greatly improving audio accuracy for a better listening experience.

Good sound everywhere

With the BTA30 Pro, you can easily create a comprehensive home Bluetooth system. The BTA30 Pro utilises an external gain antenna for Bluetooth system. The BTA30 Pro utilises an external gain antenna for Bluetooth connections resulting in faster connection speeds, more stable signals, and for longer distance transmission across rooms, up to 30 meters under normal conditions.

Beautiful and talented. Always at your command

The strong aluminium alloy body gives the BTA30 Pro luxurious shininess along with silky-smooth texture, making it a handsome addition to your home. The neat and uniform button arrangement as well as the clear indicator lights make it wonderfully convenient and easy to use.

Special lights for special moments

The RGB light indicator helps you quickly distinguish the current Bluetooth format:

SBC: Blue, AAC: Teal, aptX: Purple, aptX LL: Green, aptX HD: Yellow, LDAC: White.

Fast and accurate adjustment

The BTA30 Pro is among the very few Bluetooth desktop devices to incorporate pro-level audio volume adjustment methods. ADC curve reconstruction results in precisely controlled and balanced volume. Both analogue and digital volumes can be easily and quickly adjusted. And the FiiO Music app acts as a remote control for the BTA30 Pro, allowing access to many functions such as setting a fixed volume.

Convenient intelligent interaction

Your smartphone, when connected to the BTA30 Pro, can remotely control it via the FiiO Music or FiiO Control App for greater convenience. Channel balance; 4 types of audio filters; Bluetooth format priority; LED indicator toggle; volume adjustment; set fixed output volume.

Dual Hi-Res Certifications

Not only does the BTA30 Pro have the Hi-Res Audio certification by the Japan Audio Society, but it also has achieved Hi-Res Audio Wireless certification for guaranteed excellent performance.




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Great Bit Of Kit

Would recommend - yes

Great bit of gear. Very very strong BT range

Unique Product

Would recommend - yes

Purchased primarily for use as a Bluetooth transmitter. It provides the rare ability to selectively disable Bluetooth codecs (eg. AptX LL) so that you can choose exactly which ones you want to be used. This can be done for both TX and RX. It also uses colour coded LEDs to indicate which codec is active at a glance. I find the range to be excellent, seems to cover my entire house with no dropouts. Tested it as a DAC and it works great for that too. I appreciate the inclusion of a USB-C port, which is still less common than it should be these days.