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FiiO FH1s Dual Driver Earphones - Black

FiiO FH1s Dual Driver Earphones - Black

Brand FIIO | CL SKU 35287
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On a never ending quest for improvement

The FH1S is a newly developed earphone that takes as a base the original FiiO FH1, itself highly aclaimed by many in the audio community, and further improves the sound to greater heights. Compared tot he FH1, the FH1S has a bigger and improved dynamic drive combined with a Knowles balanced amature drive for truly deep and revealing bass, astonishingly clear mids and highs, and truly moving lush vocals.

Knowles 33518 balanced armature driver For exceptional treble and sweet vocals

The FH1S'Knowles 33518 BA driver is located near the front (closer to the ear) of the body, which reduces high- frequency sound loss and thus improves treble extension. The Knowles BA drivers plays its high frequencies through a brass sound tube, which reduces unwanted resonances and gives the higher frequencies a sense of realism and tactility you can really feel.

Large 13.6mm dynamic driver

Exellent low-frequency transient responce and low disortion, the FH1S' dynamic driver is made of a bio-polymer diaphragm being driven by extremely robust N50 magnets, giving you powerful yet quick bass as well as crisp and clear drums for a striking overall sound.

Precisely tuned balanced pressure relief technology

Precisely tuned balanced pressure relief technology

While the large 13.6mm dynamic driver on its own provides high quality deep bass, when combined with our patented balanced pressure relief technology we unblock even more of that driver's potential! The precisely tuned balance pressure relief system equalizes the air pressure in the front nad back of the body, greatly enhancing the soundstage and reducing your ear's fatigue when listening.

Love at first sight

Celluloid has been widely making guitar picks and itself has innate muscial porperties. Layered celluloid is also the material of choice for the FH1S' distinctive faceplate. Due to the randomness of the layered celluloid each FH1s faceplate has its own distinctive look, literally giving each FH1S its own unique personality.

Not just beautiful on the outside Custom-IEM grade ergonomics

Based on the feedback for FiiO's other IEMs, we have made the FH1S even more like a custom IEM for a truly exellenct comfort.After going through countless interations of different designs, we settled on a shape that more closely follows the shape of the humna ear, allowing anybody to put on the FH1S more easliy and wear it more comfortable for longer periods of time.

True Wireless Upgrade - Transform it to earphones perfect for workouts

With the UTWS1 true wireless Bluetooth module (0.78mm 2-pin edition) you can transfrom the FH1s to be a true wireless headset in seconds. With support for TWS+ technology and the high definition aptX Bluetooth audio format, the UTWs1 is the perfect partner to the FH1s to give you the convenience of true wireless, without sacrificing sound quality.

120-core high purity monocrystalline cooper cable - 0.78mm 2-pin connectors

Included with the FH1s is a custom-made cable made of 120 braided individual high purity monocrystalline Litz wires. Each Litz wire is insulated from each other, ensuring better audio transmassion performance under the naturally-occuring yet adverse skin effect. What this means for actual listening is improved bass and mids, as well as more coherency between all audio frequencies.

Easily driven by your phone

Due to high sensitivity of the balanced armature unit, even ordinary phones allow you to fully enjoy the FH1s' warm, yet transparent nature. 

Specially-tuned trebble everybody will love - Rich bass, transparent trebble, and beautiful vocals 

The FH1s adopts a sound signature that both audio ethusiast and mainstream listeners will love. With vivid bass, clear trebble and lush vocals, the FH1s' relatively balanced sound signature will find fans of all kinds.



Music & Entertainment Headphones



Part Number



1-Year Warranty



106 dBm

Minimum Frequency

5 Hz

Frequency Response

5 - 40000Hz

Nominal Impedance

26 Ω

Maximum Frequency

40 kHz


Connector Type

3.5mm Connector

Transducers per Channel



Single-ended Detachable

Wearing Style

In Ear

Noise Cancellation