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Kennerton Praetor Headphone Stand - Burgundy

Kennerton Praetor Headphone Stand - Burgundy

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The headphone stand Praetor, by Kennerton Audio, are now available. The Praetor Stand  has been designed and manufactured in St. Petersburg. It is made of a crosswise cut of an ecologically clean oak species. The texture of the wood makes your stand unique, there are no two identical stands.

We use special glue without harmful formaldehyde for assembling. The stand is treated with a special compound based on beeswax, which makes it fungus-proof and provides product durability. It is also coated with an eco-friendly varnish using natural ingredients.

Specially treated and fitted bars of dried wood are carefully glued together. This guarantees strength and durability and completely eliminating the possibility of deformation and fracture the surface.

We designed the headphone stand to be perfectly suited to the most of the popular models of our Over-Ear Headphones. Kennerton Praetor is the perfect stand to get the maximum careful storage of your headphones and adorn your place for music enjoyment. 
Praetor translated from Latin means “Treasure watcher”. Your headphones - your treasure. Our stand - it's reliable guardian.

We use the best materials available on the market to produce the Stand. We care that you get the highest quality product, which has an exquisite aesthetic appearance.



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Praetor - Burgundy