Antlion Audio ModMic Uni Uni-directional Noise-Cancelling Microphone

Antlion Audio ModMic Uni Uni-directional Noise-Cancelling Microphone

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New noise-canceling microphone

ModMic Uni provides an enhanced noise-canceling mic capsule, our best ever, for superior audio performance. The cardioid capsule rejects unwanted background noise and focuses on your voice, providing a clear and crisp sound. Perfect for use in noisy environments, such as gaming and open office spaces.

Convenient Mute

Say goodbye to fumbling for the in-app mute button. Silence is always in reach with the ModMic Uni. A flick of your thumb swaps between muted and un-muted mode. Perfect for any unexpected interruptions.

Attaches to Anything!

Whether it is your headphones, VR visor, or any random flat surface, all ModMics share the same patented award-winning clasp system. The premium adhesive is safe for metal, plastic, wood, and other materials and won’t leave any damage or residue. The patented magnetic clasp system makes removal easy, twist and pull away to temporarily remove your mic!

Universally Compatible

The 3.5mm termination really puts the Uni in Universal! The ModMic Uni will work right out of the box with any device has plugin powered mic port, and we’ve crafted a wide variety of accessories that expand compatibility to all consoles, XLR interfaces, or USB inputs. In short, it attaches to anything and works with everything!





Detachable Microphones


Antlion Audio

Part Number



1-Year Warranty


Polar Pattern


Maximum Sound Pressure Level

-36 dB

Mute Function



Maximum Frequency

10 kHz

Minimum Frequency

100 Hz

Good Mic Add-On Mic For Headphones

Would recommend - yes

This is an excellent little add-on mic if you like your headphones and do not want to swap to a new headset altogether. Ambient noise rejection is excellent (according to my friends they can barely hear me typing on Cherry MX blue switches), good cable length, the mounting mechanism is very solid. Due to the ambient noise rejection the mic needs to be pretty close to your mouth or you need a lot of gain, and as with any mic, more gain = more noise, so you may need to take your audio setup into consideration if you are softly spoken. My only gripe is the clip on piece and screw that hold the boom in place is plastic. CAVEAT: You need 12-13 mm of perfectly surface to attach the mounting clip with the adhesive tab to, so this may not work for all headphones.