Setting Up Your New PC

Thank you for shopping at computer lounge for your new PC. Our goal is to ensure that your new computer is properly set up and ready for use. So, let's get started and make sure your new PC is up and running smoothly!


Make sure the box is facing the right way up by checking for indicators on the box or by simply following the external branding. Carefully lift the PC from it's box and place it on secure surface.

Remove the outer protective materials until you’re left with just the PC - we recommend keeping the packaging intact until you’re up and running (just in case for any reason you need to transport the PC back to us).

Internal Protection

To prevent damage during transit we fill the inside of the PC with additional protective material - this helps keeps your PC internals from coming loose and braced for any potential bumps on the road to your doorstep.

You will need to remove this material before turning your PC on - to do so, remove the side panels from the case and carefully remove all packing material. It's important to remove all of the internal packaging or you may risk damaging components when powering the system on.

Note: some cases with more unconventional designs are opened from the top/bottom/front case panels - eg. SSUPD cases are accessed from the bottom panel.

Getting Connected

After putting your case side panels back on - we can now start plugging things in. Start by plugging the power cable into the power supply. The power supply is generally located at the rear towards the bottom of the case.

Next we can connect our display cables to the graphics card (AKA video card or GPU). Generally the graphics card is the horizontal slot about halfway down the back of the PC. The graphics card may also be vertically aligned in some cases - simply look for the interface with 2-3 expansion slots filled.

If you purchased a system with WiFi/Bluetooth compatibility you will have wireless antenna included with accessories pack. You will need to install these in order to utilize WiFi and Bluetooth at their maximum capacity. Simply locate the brass screw-on connectors on your motherboard (these will generally by next to the audio ports) and screw on your antenna(s).

Power On

Now it’s time to give it some power. Be sure to check the power supply is switched on by making sure the switch is in the “I” position.

Firmly press the power button. Your PC should now show signs of life with fans spinning and your monitor showing a connection.

Note: If any unusual noise is heard upon startup we recommend powering the PC off immediately and checking for any internal packaging left inside.

If all seems well, you’re now ready to connect your peripherals and additional devices. Congrats - you can now get comfy and use that brand new system!