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Below are our standard services for PCs. If you have a request that isn't listed below, don't hesitate to reach out to us for a quote.

System Diagnostics

$ 90

Something awry with your PC? Unsure of what it might be? Could it be software or hardware? Our system diagnostics service will put your PC through a range of tests to identify the problem and advise you with the best course of action to solve it.


$ 79

Typically those overpriced cans of compressed air just don't cut it. Dust is unavoidable, and if left uncleaned it can begin to affect the performance of your PC. Our dusting services bring your PC back to its youth with  optimum cooling performance and noise levels.

Cable Management

FROM  $ 90/hr

The results of clean cable management are often overlooked by the average PC builder. Leave that birds nest of cables behind you. Our cable management service will improve both airflow and aesthetics with meticulously routed PC cables.

Your computer's motherboard BIOS is the control center of your core PC hardware. Making sure your BIOS is up to date will ensure you are always at full compatibility with any future features or hardware changes.

Data Cloning

FROM  $ 90/hr

Our data cloning service is the perfect complement to purchasing a new hard drive, SSD, or even a brand new PC. Forget painstakingly moving over files with small back-up drives, data cloning is fast, precise, and allows you to pickup exactly where you left off.


$ 149

Pushing your hardware beyond its out-of-box performance by overclocking can feel dangerous to anybody without experience. Our overclocking service gives you that boost in performance without the risk of nuking your hardware. 

Build Assembly

FROM  $ 149

PC building is great fun, but we understand that people are busy bees. Allow us take the reins with our build assembly service, simply purchase or provide the parts and we'll take care of the rest. Built, cable managed, tested.

Component Installation

Each  $ 29

Upgrading or adding parts to your existing system? Replacing a dead drive? Our component installation service gives you peace of mind that your brand new parts will be installed correctly by expert technicians.

Case Swap

FROM  $ 199

PC Chassis are constantly improving in technology and aesthetics and its hard to keep up. Whether you're looking to upgrade or just want a fresh look, our case swap service takes the hassle out of the equation.

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