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Hi Team,

In the last few months, there has been a huge demand for RTX 30 Series Graphics Cards, AMD Ryzen 5000 Series CPUs and AMD Radeon 6000 Series Graphics cards. Due to the large demand in these new products, there are currently multiple global shortages across all these product ranges and we expect this to continue into the new year.

There are also shipping delays coming into NZ.

Current Market situation with regards to Graphics cards:

  • Huge Demand from the Gaming community.
  • Huge Demand from the Mining community.
  • Shortage in core components including GPU's.
  • Manufacturers can not keep up with demand.
  • Manufacturers are increasing pricing.
  • Taiwan is in drought, Water is being restricted to factories causing reduced production.
  • Exchange rate fluctuations.
  • Shipping and freight costs are increasing.

How many can I order?

All graphics card purchases are restricted to 1 per Customer, Household or Business. If we detect that there are attempts to circumvent this limit we will cancel your order.

Have You Already Pre-Ordered RTX 30 Series GPUs, AMD Ryzen 5000 Series CPUs or AMD Radeon 6000 Series GPUs?

Hang in there, you have successfully secured yourself a place in the queue and stock is on the way from our suppliers. We request that you be patient while we work to fulfil your orders as soon as we are able to.

Please click the below links for more specific updates about a product you have ordered or about to order.

NZXT H1 Case Fix - Potential Fire Risk

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We now have replacement riser kits in stock.

The team at Computer Lounge