The philosophy of the Core Series Gaming PC is to equip you with the hardware to take straight into the battlefield without breaking the bank. We are able to achieve this at a lower price point by de-focusing on high-end thermal solutions, premium cabling and case lighting, and prioritizing the hardware that will deliver the most cutting-edge gaming experience. Our Core systems are optimised for maximum performance in competitive online games, and are guaranteed to help you unlock your true potential.


Optimised for Full HD 1080p Gaming


1080P: 300 FPS
1440P: 180 FPS

League of Legends
Max Settings

1080P: 325 FPS
1440P: 236 FPS

Counter Strike: Global Offensive
Ultra Settings

1080P: 464 FPS
1440P: 408 FPS

Max Settings

1080P: 120 FPS
1440P: 86 FPS

DX12 Epic Settings


Our focus for the Core Series of gaming systems is to equip you with the best hardware to tackle full HD 1080p gaming without breaking the bank. Core Series systems achieve this by focusing on what matters the most, prioritizing the hardware that will get you the best framerate possible. Dominate your opponents in popular competitive online games, and enjoy smooth and responsive gameplay in AAA titles.

Pure Performance

Our Core Series is designed for those who prioritise raw performance and aims to offer you a solution using quality, essential components. By focusing on the essentials that drive performance, we can offer you a high-powered computing experience at a price that reflects the true value of the hardware. While we’ve eliminated the costs on superficial embellishments such as sleeved cables and case lighting, we’re confident that our Core series PCs will impress those that can appreciate an understated aesthetic.

Competitive Focus

Purpose-built for gaming at 1080p resolution, our Core series caters to popular competitive titles like Fortnite, League of Legends, Apex Legends, Valorant, CS:GO, and even demanding AAA games - without breaking the bank. Thanks to our 1080p hardware optimisation, we’re able to promise you a butter smooth competitive gaming experience.. Drop into battle with confidence, knowing that you can make those plays without the hindrance of hardware bottlenecks and lag spikes.

Skip the Middleman

We take pride in our competitively priced Core series, offering cost-effective solutions that rival and often surpass our competitors. With a focus on optimising every aspect of our systems, we strive to provide high-performance components at affordable prices, without compromising on quality to save a few bucks.

How are we able to offer such competitive pricing without compromise? Unlike competitors, we are the sole NZ importer for many of our parts and thanks to these brand partnerships we are able to pass on those savings to you without the markup of a distributor or middleman.

Ongoing Support

At Computer Lounge, we are committed to providing reliable and long-lasting solutions for our customers. We stand behind the quality of our products and services, which is why we offer a 2-year warranty on all our PCs. We understand that even the most well-built systems may require occasional servicing or maintenance - that's why we invite our customers to bring back their PCs at any time for comprehensive support and expert servicing should they need it.

Whether it's upgrades or troubleshooting, our team is ready to ensure your computer continues to perform at its best. Have an immediate issue? Reach out to us via our Support Centre.

Future Proof

While all-in-one computing platforms have limited upgrade options, PCs stand out with their unmatched upgradability, ensuring greater longevity and value for money. We believe in empowering you with choice - whether it be extra storage or doubling up on memory in the years to come, our system configurator will help you determine what is compatible for your build and its life ahead.

Maintain an edge over technology's rapid pace - invest in a computer that adapts to your changing needs and grows with your ambitions.

Diligent Quality Control

Our primary mission is to deliver PCs that meet the highest standards of quality. With over 20 years of industry experience and countless builds leaving our shop, we are well and truly familiar with the hardware we work with. We have formulated standardised testing and quality control measures that target common hardware and software faults based on data we collect from build to build.

These measures include data-driven thermal testing, speed and stability testing, I/O port checks, driver checking, RGB syncing, network testing, even down to checking case LED indicators - we leave nothing to chance. Through these extensive audits we can ensure your computer will be performing as it should!

2 Year Warranty

Don't settle for less


Our technicians are artisans in their trade, their craftmanship is second-to-none, and as a result we are able to offer you a warranty that speaks volumes about the level of pride we have in our creations. All Computer Lounge systems ship with a 2-year warranty as standard - no exceptions.