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The philosophy of the Core Series Gaming PC is to equip you with the hardware to take straight into the battlefield without breaking the bank. We are able to achieve this at a lower price point by de-focusing on high-end thermal solutions, premium cabling and case lighting, and prioritizing the hardware that will deliver the most cutting-edge gaming experience. Our Core systems are optimised for maximum performance in competitive online games, and are guaranteed to help you unlock your true potential.


Optimised for Full HD 1080p Gaming


League of Legends
144+ FPS

Competitive Settings

Counter Strike Global Offensive
144+ FPS

Competitive Settings

144+ FPS

Competitive Settings

144+ FPS

Competitive Settings


Our focus for the Core Series of gaming systems is to equip you with the best hardware to tackle full HD 1080p gaming without breaking the bank. Core Series systems achieve this by focusing on what matters the most, prioritizing the hardware that will get you the best framerate possible. Dominate your opponents in popular competitive online games, and enjoy smooth and responsive gameplay in AAA titles.

Pure Performance

In an industry that is forever evolving, it is essential that we stay ahead of the game. Only the best-in-class brands are available through our system configurators.  Take your framerates to new heights with the latest processors from AMD and Intel, and experience breath-taking visuals with the latest in GPU technology from both AMD and Nvidia.

Dominate the Competition

Be the first on the battlefield and crush your enemies with a system perfectly crafted for online gaming. Say goodbye to game-breaking freezes and stuttering that will hold you back from your true potential. Fly through the competitive ranks with a powerhouse machine that will guarantee a flawless online gaming experience.

Let it Burn

If it has a function, it has a test. Each system that we build undergoes rigorous burn-in testing to ensure that the highest levels of quality control are met. Each component is validated for optimum performance, thermals and efficiency. From each DIMM to each pin, we leave nothing to chance.

Upgrade Friendly

Our systems are built with your future in mind, allowing you to upgrade to the latest hardware without unnecessary downtime. While we can’t slow down the speed at which technology progresses, we can help you prepare for potential upgrades. Whether it be bulk storage or doubling up on memory, our system configurator will help you determine what is compatible for your build and its life ahead.

Premium Hardware

Our primary mission is to deliver systems that meet the highest standards of quality. We achieve this by stocking only the most highly-regarded brands in the industry, sourced through local distribution channels, not parallels. Take your system home with confidence, knowing that the internal hardware is tried and tested, and not a knock-off alternative to save a few dollars.

Keep your Cool

Say no to stock coolers. The use of premium aftermarket cooling solutions not only allow you to maximize your settings without thermal throttling, but also engages you into the game without the distracting whine of a stock cooler. The optimal choice of cooler and path of air flow ensures cool and quiet operation of all components, reducing audible distractions and increasing the lifespan of your system.

2 Year Warranty

Don't settle for less


Our technicians are artisans in their trade, their craftmanship is second-to-none, and as a result we are able to offer you a warranty that speaks volumes about the level of pride we have in our creations. All Computer Lounge systems ship with a 2-year warranty as standard - no exceptions.