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Computer Lounge storeSince 2003, our vision has been to transform the standard ugly beige computer into a High Spec out of this world system that redefines the meaning of power. Computer Lounge's four lifestyle systems Gen-X, Tek, Zen, and Genesis have all been hand picked and designed for unsurpassed quality, speed, flexibility and features.

If you know exactly what you want in your system, or even if you don't have any knowledge about computers, we'll be able to discuss and tailor build the right system for you.

Let our highly knowledgeable and skilled consultants discuss your computing needs and requirements with you. You can expect the latest in high quality technology and quickest performance parts currently available. Your system will be carefully hand built and tested. Best of all - it will be fine tuned to be the best PC you've ever owned.

Our showroomOur showroomOur showroom

Technical expertise

Even though it is important to have the best and hottest technology, what is more important is the expertise and the understanding of the person building your system. When you purchase a Computer Lounge lifestyle system, you're not just buying the latest and cutting edge components; you're buying our expertise and knowledge. We donít mass produce, every lifestyle system is hand built, and made for you, with an average of five hours of technician's time going into each system.

At Computer Lounge we take the greatest care in every system we build. Our technicians check and scan every detail before any Computer Lounge system leaves our store. If any of the hardware components fail, we want to see that it is fixed or replaced immediately, and by our very own qualified technicians.

When we say "In Stock" - it means its in our store!

At Computer Lounge we hold stock of all the most popular products and brands, unlike other online stores that only ship from the supplier. At Computer Lounge your order is controlled and looked after by us directly, this ensures your orders are dealt with and processed instantly. Every order is securely bubble-wrapped and packed for safe delivery to you in the shortest time possible.

Computer Lounge WarehouseComputer Lounge WarehouseComputer Lounge Warehouse

Packaged to "perfection" - with care and attention!

Every single order is meticulously wrapped in bubble by hand giving each item a blanket of protection before being placed into a cardboard shipper or courier bag, to prevent movement during transportation we take care to fill all gaps with scrunched newspaper making the box of items very stable and very secure. For extra protection select ARMOUR PLATE this item when placing your order.

Packaged to perfectionPackaged to perfectionPackaged to perfection

Packaged to perfectionPackaged to perfectionPackaged to perfection

Our Store

Unit C,
68 Carbine Rd
Mt Wellington 1060
(Opposite Sylvia Park)

PO Box 62166
Sylvia Park
Sylvia ParkPhone: (09) 368-4818
Fax: (09) 302-2251


Mon-Fri: 8:30 - 5:00
Sat: 10:00 - 4:00

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