Samsung B-Die DDR4 - The King of Performance Memory?

11 Feb 2021

DDR4 memory has come a long way since it’s first release in 2014 alongside Intel’s Haswell-E processors for desktop systems. These days high speed low latency DDR4 has become widely available at a range of price points and with so many options on the market it can be a daunting task to pick out a kit for your desktop PC. Here at Computer Lounge we stock a huge range of capacities, speeds and latency options from Corsair, Crucial, G.Skill and Gigabyte!

Memory Speed

Memory speed is a highly debated topic among PC gamers and enthusiasts. What memory speed should you be buying for your system? Does super fast memory benefit your gaming performance? Why is 4000MHz memory so much more expensive than 3200MHz?

Current generation kits of DDR4 memory come in a range of speeds typically ranging from 2666MHz all the way up to 4400MHz and higher. With higher speed memory kits, the speed at which data stored in memory is transferred to other components is increased. In games where memory bandwidth is a performance limiting factor, having a faster kit of memory can give you a boost in performance.

Current generation Intel and AMD processors have different memory speeds at which the manufacturer can guarantee the frequency the memory will run at. Intel’s 10th generation processors are rated for up to 2933MHz and AMD’s latest Ryzen processors are rated up to 3200MHz. Intel’s 11th generation processors which are releasing soon will also be rated for up to 3200MHz. Generally speaking, AMD processors benefit more from higher speed memory compared to Intel processors due to the processor architecture and AMD’s infinity fabric technology.

*Please Note: Running memory higher than the rated Intel or AMD specification is considered ‘overclocking’.

Memory Latency

Another common term you will see in the specifications for kits of memory is the memory latency, usually seen as CL with a number such as CL16 or CL18. The CL refers for CAS (common access strobe) latency. This is another factor which plays into the performance of a kit of memory. Sometimes having a slower frequency memory with a lower CAS latency will give you better performance than having a higher frequency with a higher CAS latency depending on the scenario. The latest kits of DDR4 top out at about CL14, with CL16 and CL18 kits being the most common on the market.

Memory Density

The capacity of each memory module also affects the price of the kit. Larger capacity modules are generally more difficult to manufacture at lower latencies and higher speeds and typically cost more as a result. This is why the higher speed 4000MHz and higher speed kits are usually sold in 16GB (2 x 8GB) modules, as well as why kits with 32GB models tend to top out at around 3200MHz with CL16 timings.

Samsung B-Die Memory

When searching online for memory you may have come across the term B-Die or Samsung B-Die memory. Although there are many different brands selling a huge range of memory kits, there are actually only a few manufacturers of the memory chips themselves. 2 of the most common manufacturers that the chips come from are Samsung and SK Hynix. In the last few years Samsung and their 'B-Die' memory has become recognised as the best memory for high performance and overclocking as well as running low latencies.

Thanks to the performance characteristics of B-Die memory, kits with these chips are usually a great pairing for Ryzen processors which are more memory sensitive. Out of the known kits which use Samsung B-Die memory, G.Skill has the most listed - mostly from their Ripjaws V, Trident Z, Trident Z Neo and Trident Z Royal product lines.

G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32GB (2x16GB)

DDR4-4000MHz | CL16 | F4-4000C16D-32GTZR

This is one of the G.Skill kits that we have available using Samsung's B-Die memory which allows the 32GB modules to run at a blisteringly fast 4000MHz while maintaining respectable CL16 timings.

G.Skill Trident Z Neo RGB 32GB (4x8GB)

DDR4-3600MHz | CL14 | F4-3600C14Q-32GTZNB

This is a slightly different 4 x 8GB kit from G.Skill which runs at a more modest but still quick 3600MHz frequency but with tight timings rated for CL14 latency.

Computer Lounge Samsung B-Die Kits

Thanks to user testing and validation, there is a large database available to check whether the kit of memory you have purchased or are looking to purchase does have Samsung B-Die memory. Click here to view the list.

Linked below are the kits which we have in-stock at time of publishing featuring Samsung B-Die memory:

If you take a look at the pricing of the B-Die equipped kits, you will notice that they do come in with a price premium over the other kits available. Comparing the B-Die kits to the rest of what is available, the B-Die kits tend to have the combination of both high frequency AND low latency. The memory chips which can achieve both of those properties are typically chips of lower yields (they are harder to produce), and they do offer a tangible performance benefit when used in the correct system. We recommend pairing these kits of memory with a good quality motherboard and processor to take full advantage of the performance that these kits offer. If you are interested in these B-Die kits, processors or motherboards for your system have a chat to one of our team members either in-store or online!

DISCLAIMER : Memory kit performance depends on the CPU and motherboard in use, running memory above the rated specification of the motherboard or processor is considered 'overclocking' and stability is not guaranteed past these certified limits.




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