Why You Should Build Your Next PC with 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen

30 Jun 2019

At the AMD Next Horizon Gaming Event last month we saw the release of a whole new selection of potentially ground-breaking PC components. AMD has been competing with CPU tycoon Intel ever since its inception, and this year they brought their A-game. AMD unveiled eight of their third generation Ryzen CPUs, and released their first 12-core and 16-core processors that are accessible to mainstream gamers, quite possibly positioning themselves as the new go-to option for gamers around the world. 

Several other components were released, including the new “Navi” graphics system, but for this blog we’re going to focus on their new Ryzen 3000 Series CPUs and how they might be knocking the renowned Intel off of their long-held throne.

Zen 2 Architecture – The “Matisse” Series 

To give you a bit of history, “Zen” is the name AMD gives to the architecture systems in all of their processors, GPUs included, and there are several tiers. The Ryzen 2000 CPUs (the “Pinnacle Ridge” series) had Zen+ architecture, and the third improved incarnation in the Ryzen 3000 CPUs has been dubbed “Zen 2” (the “Matisse” series). There are many technical performance improvements we could go into, but here’s the TLDR version:

  • They’ve shifted to a 7nm node (compared to the 12nm node of the Zen+). This means that more transistors fit on one chip, so there is better power efficiency and even a potentially higher clock speed.
  • They also claim a 15% increase in Instructions Per Clock (IPC) meaning that a Zen 2 CPU can get more done at the same frequency as a previous-gen Zen+ CPU.
  • A “Gaming Cache” is a new name for us all. AMD has given the Ryzen 3000 CPUs much larger onboard memory caches which speed up performance while gaming.

The main takeaway from the alterations to the Zen architecture is that the new Ryzen CPU series boasts a more efficient system that draws less power than their competitors, while simultaneously delivering improved performance. From their announcement stats, it seems they’ve been successful. Come July 7th, the date of the hardware release, we’ll be able to see the hard facts for ourselves. But for the moment, it appears Ryzen is certainly giving Intel a run for their money.

Ryzen 3000 Series Performance 

Aside from the new architecture of their processing system, AMD has done a number of other things to elevate their new line of CPUs. The number one thing to remember is that these cores are optimised for more than a gaming PC – they’re meant to jump easily between gaming, streaming, workspace creation and essentially anything else you use your computer for. 

AMD absolutely conquers the market for non-gaming match-ups and streaming, and they deliver an equal or improved performance when compared to Intel across each of their stacks. The best part? They do it at a far more accessible price point. 

AMD Ryzen 3000 Series CPU Comparison 

ModelCores/ThreadsBase FrequencyBoost FrequencyTDP
Ryzen 9 3900X12C/24T3.8GHz4.6GHz105W
Ryzen 7 3800X8C/16T3.9GHz4.5GHz105W
Ryzen 7 3700X8C/16T3.6GHz4.4GHz65W
Ryzen 5 3600X6C/12T3.8GHz4.4GHz95W
Ryzen 5 36006C/12T3.6GHz4.2GHz65W

One Ryzen CPU for All 

You can happily employ any of the upcoming stacks for a buttery-smooth gaming experience – the single-thread performance easily competes with Intel at every level. In addition, the multi-thread performance is noticeably elevated, making them ideal for the technical professional with a hardcore gaming life on the side, as they can handle complex processes easily. 

This is the series for the mainstream gamer, the programmer, the Twitch streamer, the graphic designer – or indeed, someone who is all four. Our prediction? AMD unseats Intel, at least for this year, as the best CPU out there – both for gaming and other tasks. The highly comparable performance, clock rates and power efficiency, combined with a lower price point, will make these a bombshell in the market when they drop this coming July 7th. 

Watch this space gamers, we’re seeing red, and history is being written. 

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