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Varmilo Mechanical Themed Keyboards - Spice Up Your Setup!

6 Dec 2021

Here at Computer Lounge we are proud to be offering a new range of mechanical keyboards from Varmilo! Varmilo is well known for their themed keycap sets and keyboards which feature vibrant and unique designs which set their keyboards aside from the standard black or white keyboard with flashy RGB lighting.

Unique Themed Keycaps and Frames

The unique designs and themes for Varmilo keyboards are usually what makes the keyboard so attractive and aesthetically pleasing! At the moment the themes that we have available are:

Most gaming keyboards these days come with standard double-shot ABS or PBT plastic, the keycaps that come included on our range of Varmilo keyboards are PBT dye-sublimated keycaps. These are high quality and the legend on the keys is sharp and very resilient with good resistance to wear and tear!

Varmilo EC Switches

Most people would have heard of Cherry MX mechanical switches - the industry standard for mechanical switches in keyboards for quite some time. These days there are also many other options for mechanical switches from a variety of manufacturers which offer a wide range of typing experiences. Varmilo has been able to produce their own mechanical switches for their keyboards, and the particular line of switches included in some Varmilo keyboards from Computer Lounge is the EC V2 line.

Varmilo EC V2 are electrostatic capacitive switches. Traditional mechanical switches register key presses when the switch is pressed down and makes electrical contact. Electrostatic capacitive switches work in a slightly different way - there are no contacts that physically touch, but there is a change in an electric field which is detected when the switch is pressed that registers the key press.

Varmilo EC V2 switches just like traditional mechanical switches come in a variety of 'switch feels' to cater to a range of users with differing tastes and preferences. The EC V2 line of switches includes both linear and clicky/tactile switches so that you can pick a switch that feels best for you!

Sakura EC V2 Switches

Varmilo Sakura EC V2 switches are fairly light linear switches which are more comparable to something like a Cherry MX Red switch. These are good for gaming as well as office use as they are not too loud. They are smooth and stable with an actuation force of 45g.

Daisy EC V2 Switches

The EC Daisy V2 switch is also a linear switch like the EC Sakura V2, but has a lighter feel with an actuation force of 35g. This makes it most similar to the Cherry MX Speed Silver switch and is great for users looking for light and responsive keystrokes and minimal fatigue when using their keyboard for extended periods of time.

Rose EC V2 Switches

EC Rose V2 switches are another linear switch from Varmilo, this time in a heavier feeling variant. This switch is similar to a Cherry MX Black switch, and is good for users who still want a linear switch but like a heavier feeling keystroke with 55g of actuation force required.

Ivy EC V2 Switches

The EC Ivy V2 switch is the only EC V2 switch that is not linear, but rather is a clicky tactile switch. At 50g of actuation force, this switch will have a similar feel to the Cherry MX Blue, and produces audio feedback alongside the tactile bump.

Connectivity Options

For users who are looking for a keyboard to match other wireless peripherals, Varmilo also has the VBS108 and VCS87 Cliff Bot : Lie keyboards. These come again with a unique set of keycaps, and also boast triple-mode wireless connection. This means that alongside the standard wired connection through USB, these keyboards also support Bluetooth 5.0 and wireless 2.4GHz connections.

Check out the full range of Varmilo keyboards HERE!


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