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RTX 30 Series Water Blocks are Nearly Here!

9 Sep 2020

The 2nd Generation of RTX graphics cards is here, and just like many of you, here at Computer Lounge we are excited to see what will be possible in the realm of custom loop liquid cooling!

EK-Quantum Vector RTX 3080/3090 D-RGB Blocks

EKWB will be releasing 2nd generation EK-Quantum Vector GPU water blocks to pair with your beefy Ampere graphics card soon! These water blocks are designed to cool the GPU, VRAM and VRM components of the card, with optimized flow paths for the best possible cooling performance. EKWB’s Open Split-Flow cooling design is built to work in a variety of setups, so even if you run your pump at a minimal rpm for reduced noise you can still expect to get great cooling!

There are a few variants of the EK-Quantum Vector blocks featuring different top materials such as glass-like cast acrylic or black acetal to suit your build. In addition, these blocks will have D-RGB LED lighting to illuminate your system for a stunning visual effect.

As with any other EKWB product, you can expect the highest quality materials and build quality when it comes to water cooling gear.

EK-Quantum Vector RTX 3080/3090 Backplates

Alongside the water blocks being released, EKWB is also releasing EK-Quantum Vector backplates for RTX 30 series graphics cards. Backplates improve the visual aesthetic of your graphics card, as well as providing some extra structural rigidity and extra passive cooling performance for the backside of the card.

The EK-Quantum Vector backplates will come in a few different varieties to match different system aesthetics and take your build to the next level!

The NVIDIA Reference Design and Founders Edition Cards

This year with the release of the RTX 30 series graphics cards, NVIDIA has done something a little differently with the approach to the reference design and Founders Edition cards. The reference design refers to the ‘base’ design and specifications that NVIDIA sends out to their partners such as ASUS, Gigabyte or MSI. The partners can either take the reference design board and implement their own cooler design to fit the reference board, or they can design their own board from scratch.

In the past, NVIDIA has used the reference design board for their Founders Edition graphics cards, but this time around, the Founders Edition cards are essentially custom designed cards with a custom board instead of the reference board. What does this mean for customers looking to purchase a water block for an RTX 30 series graphics card?

The EK-Quantum Vector blocks mentioned above come in a few different variants. The reference EK-Quantum Vector blocks are compatible with reference board design graphics cards. This means that they are NOT compatible with the NVIDIA Founders Edition graphics cards from the new 30 series or other cards with a custom board design. We recommend checking the EKWB compatibility list to make sure your 30 series card is compatible.

Water Blocks for Custom AIB Cards

Some of you may be wondering, if the those reference design EK-Quantum Vector water blocks aren’t compatible with Founders Edition and other custom board design graphics cards from your favorite brands, how are you going to add and cool one of those cards in a custom loop? Don't worry! EKWB will also be releasing waterblocks for a variety of AIB custom design 30 series graphics cards!

Here's a few examples of cards that we expect to see with compatible blocks from EKWB being released soon :

  • NVIDIA Founders Edition 30 Series Graphics Cards
  • ASUS TUF Series Graphics Cards
  • ASUS ROG Strix Series Graphics Cards
  • EVGA XC3 Series Graphics Cards
  • EVGA FTW3 Series Graphics Cards
  • Gigabyte AORUS Xtreme Series Graphics Cards
  • Gigabyte Eagle and Gaming Series Graphics Cards
  • MSI Ventus Series Graphics Cards
  • MSI Gaming X Series Graphics Cards

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and is not a compatibility guide either. While we expect that blocks for these cards will be in production soon, we will have to wait and see which blocks and backplates are compatible with which cards. We recommend checking the EKWB compatibility list to ensure that you are able to purchase the correct waterblock.

Corsair Hydro X Series XG7 RGB 30 Series Water Blocks

In addition to the EKWB GPU Waterblocks being released, it looks like Corsair will be updating their Hydro X Series range of water cooling hardware with new XG7 RGB water blocks for 30 series graphics cards.

Just like the EK blocks, Corsair will have multiple models of the XG7 RGB block that are compatible with different graphics card board designs such as the Founders Edition from NVIDIA, ROG Strix from ASUS and Ventus from MSI.

The new Corsair blocks are made from precision milled nickel-plated copper and feature a stylish black aluminium shroud. The XG7 blocks are designed for high performance as well as striking looks, packing over 50 high density cooling fins, as well as 16 individually addressable RGB LEDs for stunning illumination of your 30 series graphics card. Corsair is also releasing the new XG7 blocks with matching full-length aluminium backplates. Stay tuned for more updates about these exciting new launches!


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