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Meze Headphones Now available at Computer Lounge

20 Aug 2019

Meze Audio is High-end audio company developing premium audiophile headphones and earphones, renowned for timeless design, pure comfort and engaging vivid sound.

Meze Audio was founded in 2011 in Baia Mare, Romania by Antonio Meze, Designer.

“We started small, acquiring knowledge by experimenting with parts already on the market, searching and researching for the right materials and engineering solutions in the quest for the perfect sound and feel.

Our breakthrough year was 2015, when, after many years of development, the 99 Classics were launched. They keep receiving awards and nominations that are beyond anyone’s expectations and are placing the 99 at the top of its category. 

Today all our models, headphones and earphones, are developed in-house from the ground up, in the spirit of our original ‘no-compromise’ vision.” – Antonio Meze



...or let them influence the audio quality or design of our products. We develop our own aesthetic language thus creating timeless design. 
Style must always be a by-product of high functionality and ergonomics. 

As classics have to outlive seasonal fashions, we design with long product life in mind. 



We build high-end headphones, so we obsess about sound quality. Every aspect counts. The engineering, choice of materials, the precision of craftsmanship, the reliability are all equally important. 

We also make parts easily replaceable. All of these to ensure that a feeling of trust will accompany your every interaction with a Meze.



The sound signature is tuned for long listening sessions same as the ergonomics: clarity without harshness, freshness without fatigue. 

We know a headphone is ready when it makes you forget about the outside world and takes you for a dive into the universe of your own feelings.

The range now available at Computer Lounge comprises of three models of Over-Ear Headphone, and a premium In-Ear Monitor.

99 NEO

99 NEO starts the range at just $349, this stylish model brings together Meze Audio’s signature sound quality with cutting edge style.

99 NEO was developed based on customer feedback and hi-fi community request and it was designed for a younger audience, as the contemporary hi-fi headphone to fall in love with.

A “down to earth” product with a proven sound, comfort and a discreet but elegant look, 99 NEO was very well received by the audiophiles, imposing itself as a classic for every day.


99 CLASSICS are available in two variants, both in gorgeous real wood, with a choice of accents in silver or gold, for $549
Even the pickiest of audio lovers will find that the Meze 99 CLASSICS delivers. 

This is the model that launched Meze Audio into fame. 99 CLASSICS entered top 10 closed back headphones of all time on and received the Wall of Fame on

CNC carved wood ear cups, cast zinc alloy hardware with electroplated coating, stamped manganese spring steel headband, memory foam and soft PU leather are the materials that make the 99 CLASSICS an heirloom rather than just a pair of headphones.


A blend of premium materials, exquisite craftsmanship and detailing that’s unmistakably Meze, Empyrean is one of the most technologically innovative planar magnetic headphones in the world.

For the audiophiles who want to hear how 30 years of progression sound like, EMPYREAN - the first Isodynamic Hybrid Array headphone - pairs the advances in audio reproduction with a headphone chassis that delivers extended hours of listening pleasure. Coming soon for $5499


A stunning premium In-Ear Monitor, the RAI PENTA features 5 drivers harmoniously completing each other and ingeniously modelled ergonomic housing, the RAI PENTA is all about detail, organic tonality and seamless fit.

The PENTA Hybrid technology enables us to deliver a harmonized delivery of sound frequencies without overlay of phase issues. The seamless functioning of 5 drivers is enabled by the very specific and precise length of each sound tube which determines the air volume in front of each driver in particular to deliver an astounding degree of richness, with accurate details that will impress the most demanding audiophiles. Available now for $1999.




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