Do Intel's New 14th Gen CPUs Work With My Current Motherboard?

With Just a BIOS Update, You Can Upgrade Your PC with the Brand New 14th Generation CPU's By Intel!

17 Oct 2023

Backwards compatibility! No need to change anything but the CPU!

Did you know that compatibility with 600/700-series Chipsets remains intact for Intel Core 14th Gen desktop processors? This allows enthusiasts to easily upgrade their existing systems and enjoy the latest-generation gaming and creator performance, as these processors remain compatible with both Intel 600 and 700 series chipsets.

Several major motherboard manufacturers have now issued BIOS updates for next-generation processors on motherboards based on this socket. This includes both 12th-gen Alder Lake and 13th-gen Raptor Lake models.

The following chipsets remain compatible with 14th gen processors with a BIOS update:

B660, B760, Z690, Z790, H610, H670, H770

What are you waiting for?

The backwards compatibility provides an excellent moment especially for 12th generation CPU owners to gain a significant boost in performance without having to switch out their motherboard and RAM!

Available for pre-order now!


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