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17 Apr 2021

Combining Logitech's Lightspeed wireless technology built into their latest gaming mice for ultra low-latency and Powerplay with the Logitech Powerplay wireless mousepad, Logitech has broken through the barriers to high performance convenient wireless gaming.

Wireless mice these days are becoming more and more popular as their price comes down and features like Logitech's Lightspeed technology bring latency right down to the same level as competitive wired gaming mice. Although wireless mice have started to dominate the competitive gaming mice scene, there are still some compromises that have to be made - mainly regarding battery life and charging.

Just like any other wireless peripherals, Logitech has done its best to optimize its mice for a good blend of battery life, lighting, performance and weight. Usually, this means that their mice need to be charged every once in a while with things like RGB lighting and low latency modes enabled.

Cue the Logitech Powerplay mousepad - The wireless charging mousepad which makes it possible to never have to charge your mouse again!

Powerplay Mousepad

Hard/Soft Surfaces | RGB Lighting

Making all this possible is Logitech's Powerplay mousepad. With supported mice, the Powerplay mousepad allows the mouse to be charged while above the surface of the mousepad.

To enable wireless charging of the mouse, Logitech's POWERCORE module needs to be installed in the mouse, replacing the standard optional weight slot. The mousepad integrates charging and connectivity so that the mouse has the most stable and reliable connection to your PC.

The Powerplay mousepad also includes a couple of additional features such as built-in RGB lighting as well as both soft and hard mousepad surfaces for whichever surface you prefer to use with your Logitech gaming mouse.

G502 Lightspeed

11 Programmable Buttons | Adjustable Weight

114g Base Weight | RGB Lighting

Building on the foundations of the popular G502 HERO, the updated G502 Lightspeed features an updated HERO 25K sensor, Lightspeed wireless technology and of course, support for the POWERCORE module to enable Logitech Powerplay!

The G502 Lightspeed is a great all-around gaming mouse with an expansive feature set and outstanding comfort. If you are looking for a mouse for both gaming and productivity tasks, it is definitely worth considering. This is thanks to the 11 programmable buttons, hyper-fast scroll wheel and adjustable weights.

For gaming, the G502 is on the larger and heavier side, so it is geared more towards MOBA, MMO and casual gaming with good comfort over long periods of time. Overall build quality is solid as well, with premium feeling plastics and rubber.

G703 Lightspeed

6 Programmable Buttons | HERO 25K Sensor

107g Base Weight | RGB Lighting

Based on the also very popular Logitech G403, the G703 Lightspeed is an updated model with reduced weight, HERO 25K sensor and Lightspeed technology with POWERCORE module support for Powerplay compatibility.

The G703 Lightspeed is a no-frills gaming mouse with all the buttons and features you need to have a great gaming experience. The rubber side grips and matte texture are comfortable in long gaming sessions, and the side buttons are well placed and have a nice tactile feel.

The G703 Lightspeed is a great mouse for FPS titles, as well as MOBA titles and casual games which don't require lots of macros. It is also a good option for gamers with larger hands or those who prefer a mouse on the larger side and height profile.

G903 Lightspeed

7-11 Programmable Buttons | Ambidextrous

110g Base Weight | RGB Lighting

The G903 Lightspeed is one of the more unique designs that Logitech has in its range. The G903 features an ambidextrous design, a ton of programmable buttons and the same infinite scroll wheel on the G502.

The G903 is similar to the G502 in terms of the use case. It is on the larger and heavier side, although it has a shallower height profile than the G502. It's a great mouse overall for gaming and productivity, but the weight and shape make it more suited for casual gaming and comfort over a long period of time.

If you are looking for a fantastic all-around mice with a different shape to the G502, this may be the mouse for you! Just like the other Powerplay Compatible mice, the G903 has outstanding premium build quality and materials as well.

G PRO Wireless

4-8 Programmable Buttons | HERO 25K Sensor

80g Base Weight | RGB Lighting

Built for professional eSports gaming, the G PRO Wireless is geared for the best performance in any FPS or MOBA games with an ultralight design and HERO 25K sensor with Lightspeed Wireless.

If you are looking to get one of the best gaming mice for FPS and MOBA games then the G PRO Wireless is right up there with the best mice available. Weighing in at just 80g, the G PRO Wireless is the lightest mouse of the bunch that supports Logitech Powerplay.

The shape and feel of the mouse comes about from Logitech's collaboration with many professional eSports athletes to produce a super comfortable shell and lightweight design while keeping all of the features of a top gaming mouse.

That rounds up the Logitech range of wireless gaming mice that support Logitech Powerplay technology. Each mouse has its own use case and feature set, so if you are looking for a new wireless mouse to add to your setup check out our range of Logitech gaming mice and mousepads! Our team is also available in-store or online through our site to help you choose the best option for your needs!


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