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Computer Lounge Champions Intel NUC Mini PC in All of Its Forms

2 Jun 2020

Many people are unaware of the existence of one of the most convenient pieces of technology in the world: the miniaturised PC. The Intel NUC is one such device, capable of doing the same tasks as a full-sized PC tower while fitting in the palm of the user’s hand. Computer Lounge stocks these devices for all kinds of uses.

The Intel NUC is equipped with anywhere up to an Intel i7 CPU alongside a high-functioning GPU and great memory capability for its size (typically 32GB without enhancement). While some models exist that have been specifically designed for gaming—such as the NUC8i7HNK with Radeon RX Vega M GL Graphics—most Intel NUC Mini PCs are more appropriate for other uses.

At home, an Intel NUC can function as a multi-media server or secondary home PC. Simply connect the miniature PC to your television and pick up a remote or Bluetooth mouse that allows you to operate it from a distance. Each model allows HD video playback, and they can even run 4K content at 60Hz; you can easily tuck this little gem away as the prized secret of your entertainment system.

In the workplace the Intel NUC range finds many uses, including incorporation into boardrooms as in-situ presentation devices, or as a high-quality processor tucked behind the counter during customer transactions. According to Computer Lounge, the key is to identify the needs you wish to fulfil, then do your research to identify the ideal mini PC for your situation. Their Intel NUC range spans a variety of specification tiers (and offers said performance at a reasonable price point).

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