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Building Custom Loops with Corsair Hydro X Series Watercooling

5 Jun 2020

The Corsair Hydro X Series, is a full line of custom watercooling hardware with integrated RGB lighting, has finally arrived to Computer Lounge. It’s exciting news to PC enthusiasts, as it offers them another watercooling solution with a complete line of custom cooling parts from CPU and GPU blocks to pump/reservoir, radiators, tubing, fittings, and accessories. Hooray, we now have another full watercooling solution to rival EK Water Blocks and Bitspower

iCUE RGB Control to Match Your Theme

As to aesthetics, the Hydro X Series features vivid RGB LED lighting which is fully integrated with Corsair iCUE RGB lighting controller and CORSAIR iCUE software. You are able to create synchronized lighting effects across your entire system with iCUE connection across all compatible Corsair components and peripherals. Additionally, the Hydro X Series has been designed to work alongside the wide range of Corsair cases and fans. If you care about using one brand for your build, Corsair Hydro X Series will be a great choice for you. 

High-Quality Fittings

The Corsair Hydro X Fittings not only looks great they have the high manufacturing quality of Bitspower. (Same manufacturer). Most of the Hydro X Series are compatible with Bitspower watercooling parts. With regards to style the Hydro X Series fittings are crafted in a more minimalistic style with no extra logos or patterns which makes it easier to pair with other brands. 

High-Performance Watercooling Blocks

Corsair delivers a unique conversion design for their CPU and graphics card blocks, which set them apart from the other brands. The Corsair XG7 GPU block has more than 50 high-density cooling fins positioned over the GPU in a clean and stylish aluminium casing. The XG7 GPU block has an acrylic top plate which allows you to see the liquid flow path.

The XG7 is much easier to install than most of the alternatives that we’ve seen. It's a bonus for beginners that the Thermal Pads are already on the block and thermal paste is pre-applied. Step-by-step instructions for the installation are also available from Corsair on their YouTube channel.

The XC7 is just as advanced as Corsair’s CPU Block with 60 micro-cooling fins which you can clearly see through the transparent acrylic cover. Once again there is RGB lighting built into the block which can be controlled with Corsair’s iCUE.

Our Experience with Hydro X

We recently had the privilege to build a full Corsair Hydro X Watercooled system controlled by iCUE. The Corsair 678C Mid Tower Case allows for vertically mounted Graphics Cards so we mounted a RTX series GPU with the XG7 facing the tempered glass side-panel so that the in-built flow indicator was clearly visible. 

The entire case was lit by Corsair iCUE which lets us assign the Fans, RAM, Watercooling Blocks and Pump Reservoir on the same lighting channel. We also used the opportunity to show our craftsmanship at tube bending with a few tight bends for a simple-aesthetic clean watercooling loop. If you’re looking for inspiration we’d recommend checking out the full build on our Instagram page.

Computer Lounge the Professional Custom Watercooling Builder

Building a watercooled PC could be a daunting process. Whether you're looking for baller aesthetics with crazy colours, or stealthy performance with matte flexible tubing, we can cater for your requirements and preferences. If you are interested in the Corsair Hydro X series, get in touch today for a free quote and we can begin designing your new build!


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