Silverstone Ensemble Series EBA02 Wall-mountable Headphone Stand - Charcoal

Silverstone Ensemble Series EBA02 Wall-mountable Headphone Stand - Charcoal

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For those with high-end headphones without enough desk space, finding a way to store them for convenient access while maintaining pleasing aesthetics is a challenge. With years of experience and expertise crafting aluminum into various award-winning products, SilverStone is the one to provide such solution. Born from collaboration with YouTube personality Linus Tech Tips in crowd sourcing a winning headphone holder design that best matched SilverStone’s line of Ensemble audio products, the EBA02 is a wall-mounted holder built unlike any other. It’s broad, curved hanger is shaped to evenly distribute the weight of a headphone while helping to preserve headband from bowing or overexpansion. An elegant two-piece design makes stowing simple and can seamlessly cover up mounting screws when in use. So for those looking for an apparatus to proudly display and store their prized headphones beautifully with their listening environment, the high quality EBA02 is the best bet.

  • All aluminum construction with elegant styling
  • Broad, curved hanger evenly distributes headphone weight and preserve headband shape
  • Unique two part design keeps mounting screws hidden
  • Includes option for wall-mounting via screws or tape



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